More charges in Penn State hazing death

More charges in Penn State hazing death

"The basement video captures the ongoing hazing that occurred on bid acceptance night and the continued repeated furnishing of alcohol by Beta brothers to Tim Piazza, as well as the other pledges, throughout the evening", the district attorney's office said in a statement, according to WTAE-TV. He died after falling in the house and fracturing his skull.

Last week, Penn State said it punished seven students in connection with Piazza's death who were found to be in violation of the university's student code of conduct. Authorities based the new charges on the Beta Theta Pi basement surveillance footage deleted by a fraternity member following the 19-year-old's death.

Miller filed new charges of involuntary manslaughter, hazing, and giving alcohol to minors, according to CBS.

At least two dozen people now face charges in the case. On video, Piazza, of Readington, does not obtain his own alcohol at any point.

Twelve new defendants were implicated in the case Monday. It means a total of 26 fraternity members are charged with various offenses stemming from Piazza's death. "While I have tremendous empathy for the Piazza family and pray for them every single day as a man and as a father, as a lawyer, I'm outraged that this DA would charge my client again".

"Tim was a happy and caring human being and a wonderful son who just wanted to join an organization to find friendships and camaraderie".

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were able to recover video from the deleted hard drive, which showed the fraternity members requiring pledges to drink beer, wine and vodka in the basement, prosecutors said. Instead he was killed at the hands of those he was seeking friendship from. And we don't know what happened in the basement.

Piazza, of Lebanon, New Jersey, died of a fractured skull and other injuries two days after drinking a unsafe amount of alcohol at a pledge ceremony and falling down basement stairs.

After State College Police further examined one of the DVR surveillance boxes, police say they uncovered evidence that the basement camera footage had been manually deleted as police were ready to seize the recording equipment.

Footage retrieved from the frat's extensive system of security cameras captured numerous events that day.



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