Midnight Rush Followed by Steady Stream of Shoppers on Black Friday

Midnight Rush Followed by Steady Stream of Shoppers on Black Friday

Shoppers across the city and suburbs are rushing out to store to take advantange of all the Black Friday deals.

Shoppers lined the front of the Marshfield Target store at 4:30 p.m. Thanksgiving evening looking for early deals.

"Black Friday is always the best time to get TVs", she said. Totaling in about 100 people in line before the doors opened at 8 a.m.

For shoppers like Joelle Bass and Donna Cohoon, they say diving in to the Black Friday madness is an experience they look forward to every year.

"Me and my mom are a team so we help each other and stuff, so we both split off and figure out who wants what".

That said, sometimes a great deal is just that.

It's Black Friday, and the holiday shopping season is officially underway!

This year, many stores like Toys R Us opened as early as 5pm on Thanksgiving day.

Angela and her best friend, Jennifer Alexander, came prepared to face the chaos together, even wearing matching custom shirts that read "Up all night to get lucky, #Black Friday", but were pleasantly surprised with what they were met with instead.

Tonzi said it seemed busier than past year, although it was a slightly slower start, which could possibly be attributed to Target opening up at 6 a.m.as opposed to midnight.

Malls and shops are expected to be crowded throughout the day.



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