Menendez Jury Deadlocked, Judge Says Keep Deliberating

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Today the jury in his bribery trial told the judge they were deadlocked on all counts.

Prosecutor Peter Koski said the jury had been deliberating only a couple of hours with its new juror and asked that Walls tell them to continue talking.

During arguments in a Newark, New Jersey, courtroom, prosecutors painted 63-year-old Menendez as the "personal senator" to Florida ophthalmologist, Dr. Salomon Melgen.

"You are starting fresh", the judge said. Robert Menendez's bribery case said they began deliberations on Monday with nine of them - including herself - prepared to find him not guilty of the most serious charges. The disorganized deliberations at moments broke down, with jurors speaking over each other, and at least once using foul language, she said.

"What I saw, the government didn't give me enough".

Last week, a dismissed juror, Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby, told reporters that she believed Menendez was not guilty and predicted the trial would end with a hung jury. On Monday, an alternate was brought in to replace her. Four jurors and, later, three alternates slowly raised their hands, but ultimately none were dismissed after further questioning behind closed doors with the judge and attorneys. Some of the jurors were dismissive of her opinion because they knew she would not be able to continue deliberations after Thursday, she said.

"You don't want this sort of feedback from someone who heard all of the evidence", said Lee Vartan, a former federal prosecutor, about Arroyo-Maultsby's comment, CNN reported.

"That's life that they ran the clock out on her", Walls told attorneys, unpersuaded that any harm was done. If that happens, the Department of Justice could refile the charges.

Menendez's trial is being closely watched for any impact on the balance of power in the US Senate, where Republicans have a slim 52-48 majority and Democrats want to hold onto the seat.

Though some say prosecutors might streamline the presentation a second time around.



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