Kylie Jenner sparks engagement speculations with diamond ring

Kylie Jenner confirms pregnancy news as rumors

Of course there's no confirmation as to whether it's an engagement ring from her current beau Travis Scott, or whether it's just a ring she likes (most likely scenario tbqh).

The first OMG glimpse of the bling came on Snapchat yesterday, Saturday, November 11 when Kylie shared video from behind the wheel.

Over the weekend, though, Kylie switched her followers attention from her belly to her left hand.

But even though there is no official announcement yet, it's pretty obvious the younger Jenner sister loves the attention she gets when all we have are questions.

Perhaps Kylie and Hailey's ring choices simply mark a new gift giving trend: why wait for a man to give you a diamond ring when you can simply buy one for yourself? The star was wearing a large diamond ring which she quickly flashed on camera.

Pregnant Kylie Kardashian has sparked rumours she may be engaged. According to a TMZ report, the Scott told friends of the news in September. She's probably having a girl? but we only know that because of Kylie's sudden fetish for pink-filled social media posts.



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