Klopp Fuming With Referee For Not Allowing Sub Before Chelsea Equaliser

Klopp Fuming With Referee For Not Allowing Sub Before Chelsea Equaliser

Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet has revealed that Sadio Mane and Trent Alexander-Arnold are the most fined players at Anfield - and the explanation is rather unusual.

Speaking after the match, Klopp revealed his tactical change was designed specifically to counter the threat Chelsea's goal-scorer posed, suggesting Willian would have been thwarted in his attempts to score.

The Kop star lost the plot after being kept on the bench for 89 minutes of the 1-1 Anfield draw with Chelsea. However the forward and Klopp were involved in an argument as soon as the clash ended.

Preserving squad harmony will be crucial for Klopp, with Mane a key figure in his plans.

"I was shouting at [Mane] because he was in the centre".

I wasn't happy about it because we wanted to change.

"That's how it is, we never did really time play [wasting] - people can say we are not really smart, but we don't do it because of that, we wanted to change the system, we wanted to bring a player, and that means we have to give advice and he said 'no".

Whether or not Klavan would have prevented Willian's goal - notice how Klopp wouldn't acknowledge it as anything other than a cross - is one thing, but it definitely is odd that the referee would not allow Lallana to enter the pitch when everyone was ready to go.

"There appeared to be some uncertainty on the Liverpool bench as Adam Lallana was coming on at one point and then moved back to the bench and while all that was going on, Willian got his lucky equaliser for Chelsea".

He told BT Sport: "He's saying "let me play man".

"There will be a moment tonight when I think the result is OK - but not now".



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