'Justice League' Scores $185 Million International Opening, Led by China

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According to Box Office Mojo, Warner Bros. and DC's Justice League is off to a slow start at the box office. Justice League also managed to gross $8.8 million in South Korea (beating Wonder Woman's gross by 4 percent), $5.8 million in Indonesia (lagging behind Batman V Superman), $5.8 million in the Philippines (surpassing Thor 3's gross by 46 percent), and $4.3 million in Taiwan (coming in behind Wonder Woman), with the film expected to open in Japan on Thursday, November 23.

Justice League's worldwide box office results are in. "Wonder Woman" ultimately raked in $103 million domestically its opening weekend in June. The superhero team-up scored $51.7 million in China and had the biggest weekend debut of all time in Brazil with $14.2 million. "Given the extremely lucrative Thanksgiving week, we have a chance to hold audiences and come in at a good level".

Now that Justice League is meeting resistance with both critics and audiences, a motion has been launched to see a cut of the film that probably doesn't exist.

The worldwide total is $281.5 million.

In Justice League, fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.

The costly superhero tentpole is ahead of the global opening weekends for Warner's "Wonder Woman" and Disney-Marvel's "Thor: Ragnarok". While Snyder may have completed a rough assembly of footage and there are scenes that certainly exist that are not in the movie now (some of which you can glimpse in the various trailers), Snyder likely did not get far enough into post-production to put together what would be called a "director's cut" of the film.

The biggest advantage Justice League has, however, is almost a month of runway. It's still the eighth biggest opening of the weekend of 2017, and I feel fairly confident that Justice League will eventually match the $330 domestic box-office gross of Batman v. Superman. After that, there are no major films standing in between Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15th. "Fun" is a term often thrown around a lot when describing Marvel's films, which aim to hit lighter notes, something that seems to work to great effect for them. Click Next to continue.



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