Japan's Abe, China's Li Agree to Improve Bilateral Ties (News)

Japan's PM Abe arrives in PH for ASEAN-related summits

The rogue state previously threatened to launch ballistic missiles toward Guam, where a USA military base is located, prompting American President Donald Trump to declare that he would meet any threat to his country with "fire and fury."Japan and South Korea, East Asian countries that also host U.S. military installations, are also bracing for possible missile attacks".

"We need to make North Korea change their policy by enhancing the pressure applied to North Korea to the highest level by all available means, including the full implementation of the Security Council's resolutions", Abe said.

In response, Abe said, "With an eye on the 40th anniversary, we plan to further develop a mutually beneficial strategic relationship and move strongly forward in improving relations".

While differences remain in the two countries' positions on North Korea and territorial disputes in the South China Sea, Abe and Li found some common ground on both issues.

Australia has also been the target of threats from the rogue state for its close relationship with the US and South Korea.

During the bilateral meeting, the Philippines and Japan also signed and exchanged notes for the financing for the bypass road construction project for Plaridel City, Bulacan and the grant on countering terrorism in Mindanao and rebuilding the war-torn Marawi City.

Then, just days later while in China he appeared to seek a diplomatic situation to the North Korea problem, calling on President Xi Jinping to help reign in his out of control neighbour.

Abe's ruling coalition achieved a solid victory in last month's general election, while Xi and Li were re-elected to their positions in China's Communist Party following its twice-a-decade congress.

The two countries' peace and friendship treaty will reach its fortieth anniversary next year.

Both Japan and Australia have defense alliances with the United States.

Besides the Japan summit with ASEAN as a dialogue partner, PM Abe is also attending the East Asia Summit.

Their meeting was held on the sidelines of a summit among nations with close ties to ASEAN being held here.



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