IOS 11.1.2 Update Will Fix iPhone X Cold Weather Unresponsiveness

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Apple has not named any significant security updates in iOS 11.1.2; the company's support site now says that this update has the security content of 11.1.

Apple has released the iOS 11.1.2 software update for iPhone and iPad. The company acknowledged it was aware of the issue, and promised a fix in the near future.

iOS 11.1.2's patch notes are short and sweet.

While Apple does have temperature operating guidelines for its flagship device, many users reported that their iPhone X handsets were affected in temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are still on iOS 10, you also get all of the new iOS 11 features with this upgrade.

Apple has made iOS 11.1.2 available to the public on Thursday afternoon. This is especially important if you want to make sure Apple isn't downgrading a feature you use every day or changing how it works dramatically.

For such a cool device, the iPhone X hasn't been doing very well in the cold.



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