'Impossible': Stallone's Ex Brigitte Nielsen Says Sex Assault Story is Fake

Sylvester Stallone and David Mendenhall in “Over the Top”

A Sylvester Stallone spokeswoman also denied the sexual assault allegations against the "Rocky" star.

Detective sergeant retired John Samolovitch, who worked for the police of Las Vegas and who was the head of the department of sexual assault, confirmed to the Daily Mail that "the copy of the police report is a true copy of the original report". No one was ever aware of this story until it was published today, including Mr. Stallone. The report noted that the girl was crying and sobbing when she recounted the story. "It's completely false that I introduced a 16-year-old female stranger to Mr. Stallone near an elevator in the Hilton, or anywhere else for that matter", Mendenhall told TMZ.

That was 16 years old at the time, and who wishes to remain anonymous, told the authorities that after the relationship, Sylvester Stallone allegedly threatened to beat her violently if she ever spoke to anyone. After asking for Stallone's autograph on another occasion, she alleged the actor then asked her her age, and that she told him she was 16 years old. According to his spokesperson, "This is a ridiculous and clearly false story".

The Daily Mail report said the teenage girl was introduced to Stallone by his "Over the Top" co-star, David Mendenhall. According to the police report, "Girl had no objection to making a physical connection with Stallone, but she did not want to have a physical relationship with Luca". The Daily Mail reports that she later signed a no prosecution form and the matter was dropped.

According to the report, it all started when she and a friend met Stallone at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel where she was staying from July 18 to July 28.

Neilsen, who is Stallone's second wife, began her career modeling for Greg Gorman and Helmut Newton and later acted in the 1985 films "Red Sonja" and "Rocky IV". She said she decided against pressing any charges because she felt humiliated and intimidated by the event. She alleged she met De Luca the next day, and that he gave her the keys to a room on the 27th floor of the hotel, and told her to go up "as soon as possible". Stallone and it would have started to have sex when he asked her if she had already had a relationship with two men at the same time. They are the same records the Daily Mail published Thursday.



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