HTC Vive tracker bundles launch next month to get you into VR

HTC launches Vive tracker bundles

Amazon is now the only place where you can buy the $150 bundle, which will come with the Hyper Blaster, one Vive Tracker and the game Duck Season. HTC's Vive Tracker, available for pre-order today, goes a long way toward making VR feel more true to the experience it's meant to be simulating, replacing the usual plastic wand with accessories that can emulate the weight and feel of real-world tools like sports equipment and projectile weapons.

Pricing for the first Tracker-equipped accessories is, however, pretty high. More information is available on the HTC Vive blog. Also worth mentioning is that the Hyper Blaster comes with the first game to start, called Duck Season, and the total cost of the bundle is $149 which comes with the blaster, the game, and the Vive Tracker.

The Hyper Blaster is a gun and motion sensor for shooting-related games, it will reportedly be sold exclusively through Amazon.

HTC launches Vive tracker bundles

In addition to launching the Vive Tracker, there are also a few other accessories which can be used with the tracker to improve the experience, keeping in mind that each accessory will be catered to a specific consumer based on what the accessory supports when it comes the actual activity. Virtual Sports brings Vive owners realism ping pong and tennis that is only possible on the Vive.

The new Vive Tracker fits on top on all three of the new peripherals, which help establish a firmer midpoint between imagination and reality. The company is finally ready to let its players get their hands on the gadget - as well as gear designed for it.

Dozens of developers have integrated body tracking into their experiences, including CloudGate Studios' Island 359, which will launch a "Virtual Self" update on December 1, using Vive Trackers for full body tracking and movement. However, HTC is committed to adding at least five more games by the end of December with another 10 coming early next year. This will of course be able to work in any game that has enabled full body tracking. A pair of TrackStraps is available now for $24.99 via and includes a pack-in redemption code for Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing on Steam, inspired by Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and Audioshield. This bundle will also cost $149.99. It's a bit pricey, but if you've already invested in a Vive and a computer good enough to run it you might be willing to part with the cash needed to further optimize your VR experience.



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