Here's Gotenks in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Here's Gotenks in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Over on Twitter, the company posted a handful of screenshots showing Kid Buu, Adult Gohan, and the game's Arcade Mode.

Bandai Namco today reveal three more playable characters and a new mode for DRAGON BALL FighterZ.

As for the Arcade Mode, there are different ranks and difficulties to choose from, and you'll need to maintain a win streak to get a high score.

Gotenks is the first Fusion Dance character to be seen in Dragon Ball. Initially, the mode will feature three courses available with a Hard Mode unlocked after completing the courses.

The trailer shows off the character being the cheeky little brat fans know and love, showcasing his iconic Super Ghost Kamikaze and Ultra Volleyball Attacks as well as his transformations all the way to Super Saiyan 3. Besides that, there will be some sort of progression system as you can collect Zeni points through battles, which in turn, allows for players to nab alternative colors for the roster and some other items too via an in-game shop. Gohan doesn't have the same passion that Goku has for fighting, engaging in battle only when it's necessary to help defend Earth and the lives of those closest to him. Dragon Ball FighterZ releases January 26, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. "Gohan (Adult) can change the outcome of the fight by unleashing his ultimate ability mid-game to unlock his true power!"

Gotenks is the result of Trunks and Goten's successful use of the Fusion Dance method to create one fused character of greater power and skill. Gotenks is ready to take on all challengers in DRAGON BALL FighterZ. Gotenks is the first Fusion Dance character to be seen in Dragon Ball.



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