Google brings Lens AI to Google Assistant on Pixel smartphones

Google brings Lens AI to Google Assistant on Pixel smartphones

After the TWRP builds and the enterprise level security capabilities being revealed, there's also the SkipSoft toolkit now supporting the Google Pixel 2 for easy rooting and unlock bootloading. After Google Lens identifies the text, links, code in the image, Google Assistant can help you create a new contact information for it or shop for the product online. Tapping this will bring up a viewfinder for Google Lens, and tapping on something of interest will have Lens scan it and then provide you with any info it finds on that subject. We also suspect more Android users will be able to use Google Lens in the future as well so stay tuned.

Google today announced that its Lens AI is being rolled out for Google Assistant in Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones. It can identify text, for when you want to save information from business cards, save a URL from a poster or flier, call a phone number written down on paper, or open Google Maps with directions to a written address.

Google Lens is rolling out to all Pixel phones that are using Assistant in the English language in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, and Singapore. It'll scan barcodes and things like that too, plus you could quickly find out information about books, movies, and art.

Landmarks: Explore a new city like a pro with your Assistant to help you recognize landmarks and learn about their history.

As hinted at a few weeks back, and seen by a lucky few over the last week - Google Lens is coming to the Assistant on Pixel phones.

With the feature, you can simply point your camera at a landmark and Assistant will be able to identify what it is and tell you more about it.



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