Facebook is killing Messenger Day and consolidating it with Facebook Stories

So, now the twenty-four-hour short-lived stories would be appearing in both the Messenger and Facebook app, and if viewed in either one of the apps then it would not be showing unviewed in the other app.

A feature similar to that of Snapchat Stories, Facebook revealed that those on various groups and events pages will be able to contribute to a Facebook Story that's visible to the rest of the members and moderated by the admins. Facebook Stories recently followed, but for users on the social network.

That's not all, along with the new changes, Facebook is also killing off its Facebook Direct disappearing message feature.

What this means is that the Stories you see in the main Facebook app are the same ones that you see in the Messenger app. Initially, they could only view the Stories. The Facebook is shutting its Messenger Day stories and merging them with the Facebook stories. "All you have to do is select from one of these audience settings on either Facebook or Messenger, and any changes you make from your existing audience settings will update across the other". Instagram is already pretty well integrated with Facebook, so connecting both the services' Stories feature shouldn't be too much of a technical problem.

Paulina Bozek-Product Manager-Messenger said that Facebook has taken the initiative for this change as per the user response who prefer to have their story replies within the Messenger.

And before we forget, Facebook is introducing collaborative stories for groups and events.

As it continues to try to grow its Snapchat competitor, Facebook today announced that it is launching support for Stories in Groups and Events. As a result, as the changes will roll out across the different parts of Facebook over the months, you can bet that Facebook will be keeping an ear to the ground for feedback on how to make the experience better - and I, for one, can't wait to see what it comes up with next.