Dramatic dashcam footage captures plane crashing onto a highway in Florida

Pinellas Sheriff's Office releases new video of plane crash

Two police officers from Pinellas County in Florida, USA were on duty on Sunday morning when they caught a startling sight on their vehicle dashcam.

A small plane crashed in Clearwater on Sunday morning. They caught the shocking sight on their auto dashcam and saw the plane fly dangerously low on the highway and crash on the road a few minutes later.

According to a Pinella County Sheriff's Office the pilot, 61-year-old Marc Allen Benedict, had taken the single-engined Rockwell Commander 112 from Clearwater Airpark around 9am local time yesterday along with a friend.

The left wing caught a tree as he tried to land, which led the plane to spin and crash.

Investigators say both the pilot and his passenger reported no injuries and refused medical treatment.

Small plane crash in Pinellas County
Small plane crash in Pinellas County

The sheriff's office is on the scene investigating.

The plane went on Keene Road about a half mile from the air park.

The pilot said he started looking for a safe place to land and spotted the road.

Pilot and passenger were uninjured. No other injuries were reported. Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are trying to ascertain why did the airplane encounter problems and an inquiry is underway.

Photos of the aftermath showed firefighters at the site of the crash with the plane's left wing mangled.



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