Detective Pikachu Movie Has Cast Its Lead Actor

Detective Pikachu

Justice Smith has just made history.

Justice Smith will be playing the lead character in the new live-action Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu!

Nintendo's Detective Pikachu 3DS game, to date released only in Japan, stars an alternate universe version of the yellow Pokémon who wears a Sherlock Holmes-style Deerstalker cap and solves crimes.

Rob Letterman is still slated to direct the film with a script crafted by writer Nicole Perlman, known for Guardians of the Galaxy, and Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls.

Directed by Rob Letterman, the new Pokémon project from Legendary Entertainment is the first in a series that will be based on the Nintendo 3DS game "Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Konbi Tanjyou", or "Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo", which was released exclusively in Japan on February 3, 2016. Universal Pictures will handle distribution in all other territories. The first animated Pokemon feature, aptly titled Pokemon: The First Movie-Mewtwo Strikes Back-came in 1998.

The Detective Pikachu movie has been a priority for Legendary since the company acquired the rights to the Japanese property in July 2016, following the Pokemon Go mobile game craze.



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