Colin Kaepernick named one of GQ's Men of the Year

Colin Kaepernick named by GQ as one of their Men of the Year

Durant, who earned his first National Basketball Association title after joining the high-powered Golden State Warriors last season and was named MVP of the Finals, is Champion of the Year, while Colbert, who remains outspoken about politics and President Trump, is the magazine's Bad Hombre of the Year. On GQ's December cover, Kaepernick wears all black with a gold chain and an unapologetic Afro to accentuate his revolutionary look. Kaepernick began his protest as a way to call attention to systemic racial injustice and police brutality against black people, but in recent months, the kneeling gesture been co-opted as a general statement of protest against President Donald Trump. His protests sparked a wave of outrage and garnered the attention of President Donald Trump, who declared that the National Football League should fire those players who took a knee during the anthem. Now he's on the cover because he's not playing.

Colin Kaepernick is GQ's "Citizen of the Year".

Kaepernick is not interviewed for the issue but appears in a photo spread.

He has been mostly silent but told the magazine he wanted to participate to "reclaim the narrative" of his protest. Kaepernick doesn't go on record with the magazine, but the issue includes commentary from 10 of his closest confidants, including rapper J. Cole, former 49ers teammate Eric Reid, filmmaker Ava DuVernay and activist Harry Belafonte. "This was work. This is work that he's doing". But on Monday morning, he did recognize the honor the magazine bestowed upon him.



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