Christopher Plummer on Kevin Spacey: 'The situation is very sad'

Christopher Plummer on Kevin Spacey: 'The situation is very sad'

Last week, it was announced Spacey, 58, will be cut out of Scott's latest film, which would have seen the embattled Oscar victor star as J. Paul Getty under heavy prosthetic makeup.

While Plummer has valiantly accepted his duty to replace Spacey in the film, the 87-year-old is still reeling from the Tony-winner's fall from grace as accusations continue to pour out.

"It's going to be different, naturally", the Sound of Music actor told Us Weekly and other reporters at the Man Who Invented Christmas premiere in New York City on Sunday, November 12. Speaking to Vanity Fair on the red carpet of his latest film, "The Man Who Invented Christmas", Plummer said he feels "awfully sad" for Spacey given the numerous claims, which range from Spacey making sexual advances on minors to the actor having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old. "The whole circumstance is sad". “But Ive got to forget that and go and do it, because its a very well written script and Ridley has been very good.”. What made this decision even more extraordinary was that it was announced that these reshoots would be conducted and completed before "All The Money In The World's" December 22 release date.

All The Money In The World will be released in United Kingdom cinemas on January 5, 2018. Kevin is such a talented, terrifically gifted actor, it was just so sad, and it is such a shame.

Netflix has since severed ties with Spacey, one of its biggest stars and the lead in its drama House of Cards, after a number of allegations of sexual misconduct against the Oscar-winning actor. "Ridley came to me, and I agreed because I want to work with him", he said. I can't remember how many scenes I have at the moment. He was knocked from a number of projects, including Netflix's "House of Cards" where he played Francis Underwood for five seasons. "I love what [the screenwriter's] done, Susan Cohen, she's done it with such imagination that [Charles Dickens] has writer's block and his own characters come and help him out". "And that's all I can say because that's it".

When asked who he would most like to profile, Talese, 85, said: 'I would like to talk to Kevin Spacey.



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