Chance the Rapper highlights

Chance the Rapper headlined an R&B trio singing “Come Back Barack” on Saturday Night Live.    

"How about Chance Encounter?" asks Em, with Jones chiming in, "or Chance the Hottie".

"Come back Barack", they lament in the chorus.

Chance The Rapper is set to make his Saturday Night Live debut this weekend, so it's only right that he stops by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show to talk about it and his desire to hang out with Drake more. He kicked off the night with an original Thanksgiving song for his monologue.

And it only got better from there.

"I'm in hell, dreaming about you and Michelle", the song continues. Now things are looking bad.

The Chicago native continued to explain how there are no good Thanksgiving songs, and called out Mariah Carey for so clearly dominating Christmas every year with her timeless hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You". "You were so intelligent, you were so strong, I waited my whole life for you", sings Saturday Night Live newcomer, Chris Redd. So if all goes well, we might be seeing some sketches that Chance wrote on the final cut of the episode.

This week's SNL marks Chance's first time as host of the famed late-night sketch comedy series, and Em's sixth appearance.

It is the artist's second ditty to the president on SNL, the first "Jingle Barack", singing about Obama's last Christmas as president.



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