Cards Against Humanity's latest stunt is going to piss off Donald Trump

Cards Against Humanity's latest stunt is going to piss off Donald Trump

"He is so afraid that he wants to build a $20 billion wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing", the website reads.

The company's goal is to "make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for [President Trump's border wall] to get built".

Cards Against Humanity, the notoriously politically incorrect party game that encourages players to be as offensive as possible, is taking aim at Donald Trump's border wall in its latest holiday special aptly titled "Cards against Humanity Saves America".

The company announced their endeavor on their website and Twitter page and said they've consulted with a law firm specializing in eminent domain and vowed to make it harder for the president to build the wall. Cards Against Humanity purchased the land as part of their "Cards Against Humanity Saves America" holiday promotion. This year, for $15, the company will send customers "six America-saving surprises right to your doorstep".

Watch Cards Against Humanity's promotional video below. Now, the cardgame wants the American public to get in on it - and it only costs you $15, wherein the card game maker will send you trinkets for your sponsorship. "You might not get it for a while, but some time next year you'll chuckle quietly to yourself and remember all this business about the hole", the company wrote. Nowadays, Hawaii 2 is open to the general public for hiking or fishing.

Cards Against Humanity said there were originally 150,000 slots and, as of Tuesday afternoon, less than 60,000 slots were still available. Profits from sales of that joke product went to Emily's List, a political action committee dedicated to getting more women elected to public office.

Not content with dominating the politically-incorrect card game marketplace, Cards Against Humanity has taken aim at USA president Donald Trump, who it deems "a toilet" and has vowed to stop him in his tracks.



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