British doctor punches shark on the nose to escape surf attack

A British doctor was surfing with two friends at Avoca Beach 60 miles north of Sydney, Australia, when a shark bit into his right shoulder in a "terrifying" moment that "only lasted five seconds".

"I was just surfing, (saying) get in as fast as possible, ride the wave as fast as possible, ride the wave as long as you can and start paddling for your life essentially".

He said: "I saw its jaw and teeth coming at me".

Mr Fry, a doctor from the United Kingdom, is in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery.

"I saw a shark's head come out of the water... and I just punched it in the face", Charlie Fry has told #9News, after he was attacked on the NSW Central Coast. "I$3 got back on my board, shouted at my friends who were there and then managed to catch a wave in".

Mr Fry said he thought he was going to die as he frantically made his way back to the shore. A 10-foot shark was later spotted by a rescue helicopter service near the site of the attack.

"It was a nervous swim in, with my bleeding arm", he said.

A United Kingdom tourist has fought off a shark by "punching it in the face", after he was attacked on the NSW Central Coast yesterday afternoon.

According to The Telegraph, Fry suffered minor scratches and bite wounds. "I'm literally about to die, '" Dr Fry said.

Soon after the 25-year-old sprinted out of the water, a three-metre great white shark was spotted in nearby waters.

But he was more anxious about what his mum would say than about the injuries themselves.

Two of his friends who were with him at time are also doctors so they tended to his injuries before taking him to Gosford Hospital where he also happens to work.

Avoca beach will remain closed for most of Tuesday as a result of the attack.



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