Battlefront II Multiplayer Will Be "Adjusted"

Star Wars: Battlefront II arrives this Friday, November 17, across multiple gaming platforms.

According to calculations done by Redditors, earning enough credits to unlock fan-favorite characters like Darth Vader and Skywalker could take up to 40 hours of playing - though this could vary.

Fans didn't exactly like EA's statement. It will take players around 40 hours to earn the 60000 credits required to unlock a hero like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader.

Recent concerns regarding Battlefront 2's progression system came from how players could surpass other players in power with in-game purchases. They may lock different alterations of those characters but Goku and Vegeta are always available from the get-go. The Community Manager has since deleted the tweet and publicly stated that the tweet in question was not in relation to Star Wars: Battlefront II.

EA has big expectations for Battlefront II.

It's a shame that this progression fiasco is dominating the Battlefront 2 conversation right now, because there's a ton to love about the actual game. While it might take a fair while to build up a decent amount of Crafting Parts, you can use them to unlock new weapons and Star Cards for both troops and vehicles, as well as upgrading your existing Star Cards. While multiplayer is mostly fully-fledged, the single-player campaign has been severely limited.

In "Battlefront 2", you buy the game for $60 and are offered the option of buying "loot crates". You gain Credits through your performance in Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault, based on how well you played in one particular match.

Just below, in our Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Crate guide, we'll be running over all the items you can possibly earn through Loot Crates, including additional information such as how much each variant of Loot Crate costs.

It doesn't get much nicer if you scroll down the page.

EA then explained that the cost of the characters was derived from the data they obtained from the Open Beta.

Essentially, "When and how is it okay to handle charging players money in games?" Nearly 3 hours of gameplay is required to buy a Trooper Crate (4000.) Right now it costs 60,000 to get a hero, so TheHotterPotato says it will take you 40 hours to buy a new hero in Star Wars Battlefront 2. The post from the Battlefront II developers has been met with, if possible, even more hate and disdain than the progression problem itself.

The response was fairly universally trashed, and it quickly unseated the previous record-holder for most downvotes on reddit: a user who specifically asked to be downvoted.

In response to the community team's declaration that they want players to feel "pride and accomplishment", one user said: "Wow that is a terrible response".