Ankara bans LGBT-related events due to 'public sensitivity'

Ankara bans LGBT-related events due to 'public sensitivity'

"Starting from November 18, 2017, considering public sensitivities, any events such as LGBT. cinema, theater performances, panels, interviews and exhibitions are banned until further notice in our province, in order to provide peace and security", the Ankara Governor's Office stated on November 19.

The Turkish capital Ankara has banned all gay festivals, screenings, forums and exhibitions on security grounds, reported BBC.

In a statement obtained by the newspaper, the governor's office said LGBT-focused events including films, theater performances, interviews and exhibitions are banned until further notice.

Recall that in June this year, LGBTQ supporters who took to the streets of Istanbul in June in defiance of a ban on the Gay Pride Festival and Parade were dispersed by police which used tear gas and rubber pellets on many that gathered.

Homosexuality is legal in Turkey but activists say homophobia is rampant.

Turkey's capital clamped down further on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) life on Sunday in a move likely to deepen concern among rights advocates.

The perceived erosion of civil liberties in Turkey has caused concern in the West following the failed military coup of July 2016.

Turkey has dismissed more than 140,000 officials since the coup attempt, and arrested another 50,000, including opposition politicians, academics, journalists, activists and European Union citizens. About 150,000 people mostly working for the government have been sacked or suspended.

A statement from the governor's office released to the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet explains that such activities risk "posing an open and imminent danger".



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