Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Will Be Available Later This Week

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hits the Great Outdoors on Mobile

But others are feverishly waiting for the game to get a USA release, so that they can play through the latest adventure and invite others to their camp. Despite Super Mario Run hitting over 200 million downloads, it 'has not yet reached an acceptable profit point'.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp continues Nintendo's foray into mobile gaming, which began with Super Mario Run.

As you raise your friendship levels between other campers, you'll be able to earn additional crafting items and other fun things to customize your campsite. Though it isn't the full-blown Animal Crossing title we all wanted, the basic idea of talking to adorable animal friends, running errands for them, and basking in a small virtual room you have decorated to your tastes is still there.

Time will pass just like in real life, from morning all the way to night as the scenery changes, much like we saw in the previous Animal Crossing games on handhelds and consoles. In Pocket Camp, you're the manager of a campsite that, when you first arrive, is sparsely appointed and bereft of visitors. In addition, you'll be able to either buy or earn Leaf Tickets in game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launches for Android and Apple devices in late November - handily side-stepping the perilous Halloween period, where characters like Jason Voorhees like to terrorise lakeside camps.

Prepare yourself for more My Nintendo rewards coming from this game, too, as well as the scary world of microtransactions that will let you get resources faster.



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