Alabama man awarded $7.5 million from Walmart after shopping injury

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Walmart plans to appeal the ruling.

This is how the incident took place, according to WP which cites court documents: "Walker reached to pick a melon from a display, and his foot became lodged in the pallet under the watermelon container".

Henry Walker's foot got stuck after he stepped on a wooden pallet to get one of the fruits in July 2015.

A jury has awarded $7.5m (£5.7m) to a customer who was injured while picking up a watermelon at a Walmart in the USA state of Alabama. He sued Walmart on both a negligence claim and a wantonness claim - the jury was in favor of Walker on each.

A spokesman for Walmart said the damages are excessive, and they intend to appeal. Attorneys presented the case Tuesday and Wednesday in Russell County Circuit Court.

Walmart maintained the display was safe and they will keep using it.

"I think this jury appreciated what Mr".

Walker, who resides in Phenix City, was represented by Columbus attorneys Charlie Gower, his associate Shaun O'Hara and David Rayfield of Waldrep Mullin & Callahan LLC.

'The jury of twelve members of this community certainly thought it was a fair verdict after hearing all of the evidence.

Walmart says there is nothing unsafe about the display, which is used at stores around the country.

The incident reportedly "completely changed Henry Walker's life". Among other things, the Army veteran who used to play basketball three days a week now needs to use a walker, he said.