You can now order food directly from Facebook

Facebook now lets you order food without leaving Facebook

Facebook aggregates services like and DoorDash, as well as restaurants like Five Guys, Papa John's, Panera Bread, and Chipotle. But it's not at all what you might think; Facebook hasn't created its own answer to Seamless, which would be massive news for the restaurant industry. Here's how the feature, which just rolled out to Facebook users in the U.S., will work.

Facebook Inc on Friday launched a service through which its US users can order food for take-away or delivery directly through its app or website. Hit "start order" and you'll be directed to food delivery services such as ChowNow or EatStreet to put your order together. Facebook's two-billion strong users get hungry, and before ordering food users will need to jump ship to another app. There's certainly some work necessary to link all these restaurant pages with the services they use (and businesses can opt out of displaying the food ordering feature if they wish). Each will offer up its wares in the new Order Food section, that is being added to the Explore menu. If not, you'll be able to sign up for a account directly in the Facebook app, the company says.

It'll be available at launch in the USA only, and it's rolling out from today to Facebook's apps on iOS, Android and the desktop (Web). Bit by bit, Facebook is working on cornering another tiny slice of our attention, and giving people reasons to stick around and scroll for a little longer. It previously debuted a feature allowing users to transfer money to one another, and also lets users book appointments and check weather forecasts. The value for Facebook is obvious; the company hopes you'll fill your craving and then keep swiping through your news feed with your greasy fingers.



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