WWE signs first female Arab wrestler

Shadia Bseiso has become the first Arab woman from the Middle East to sign a developmental contract with the WWE. Courtesy WWE

Kavita Devi - First Indian Woman Wrestler To Join WWE:- It seems that the WWE has developed a liking towards Indian wrestlers, so that they can tap the markets here. She was also a part of WWE's Mae Young Classic tournament.

WWE champion Jinder Mahal has revealed, who was in India last weekend, announced that Kavita Devi has signed with the famed pro wrestling promotion.

Understandably, Bseiso was more than excited to "It is an honor to be the first-ever woman from the Middle East to sign with WWE".

WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal sent out congratulations to Devi and Triple H commented on the signings too, saying it's WWE continued commitment to building a more diverse roster. I have visited the Performance Center and attended the Mae Young Classic. "Now I am looking forward to pursuing my dream of becoming the first WWE Women's Champion from India", Devi added.

This is exciting news, I can't say that I thought Devi particularly stood out in the Mae Young Classic but any concerted effort by the WWE to diversify its roster must be applauded and I'm sure that both Devi and Bseiso will prove to be superb additions to the ever-growing number of incredible female talent the WWE. She is now a voice-over artist and TV presenter based in Dubai.

She will train at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, from next January. She is also trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is a CrossFit enthusiast.

Bseiso was born in Jordan before attending university in Lebanon.

The 30-year-old's athletic abilities, confidence, and natural charisma made her score an opportunity to join athletes from countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom to learn the art of wrestling from the very best in the field of WWE.

The WWE Performance Center is the home of the developmental system for WWE.

"It was a privilege to be the first Indian woman to compete in WWE", Kavita said.



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