Workers injured, fires set during escape attempt at Elizabeth City prison

Attempted prison escape in North Carolina leaves multiple employees injured

Multiple people were injured and schools were placed on lockdown after an attempted escape at the Pasquotank Correctional Institution.

North Carolina Department of Public Safety tweeted Thursday afternoon that there was an "attempted escape at Pasquotank Cl in Elizabeth City". Authorities say an inmate there set a fire in a trash can, then beat Callahan with the fire extinguisher that she had brought to douse the flames.

Six patients were taken to Sentara Albemarle Medical Center, a hospital official said.

A fire was set in the prison sewing plant, and several employees are injured. About 5:30 p.m., DPS said the prison is on lockdown and the fires have been extinguished.

Correction Enterprises, an arm of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, operates 32 businesses across the state that employs 2,300 inmate workers, according to the group's website. Several employees injured. More info when avail.

In response to the incident, three nearby schools, Northside Elementary, Elizabeth City Middle School and Pasquotank County High School, have been placed on lockdown per instruction from Emergency Management. Elizabeth City is about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Norfolk, Virginia, and near North Carolina's Outer Banks. Buses were ordered to back to their schools with any students still in transit.



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