When Harrison Ford forgot Ryan Gosling's name

   YOUNG BLADE Ryan Gosling as Officer K

"We organized a meeting and I said, 'One of my conditions is I needed to be in the same room as Ridley Scott and have him say it's OK to take the baton, '" Villeneuve confesses. But Blade Runner 2049 is different, because it is much like the original in that it exists on its own on a tech-ravaged future island shrouded in mist and darkness, concerned only with the tragic story it has to tell.

With news breaking about Linda Hamilton returning to the Terminator franchise after nearly 30 years and Jamie Lee Curtis coming back for a final Halloween flick - oh, and Harrison Ford starring in Blade Runner 20149 this October 6th - it's a good time to look at other actors who, after long breaks, made their way back to old properties and characters that helped put them on the map.

The pair were chatting to Graham Norton to promote their brand new film Blade Runner 2049, which is out this weekend.

Set 30 years after the action of the first film, "2049" focuses, like Scott's tale, on a blade runner: a cop whose mission it is to track down and "retire" bioengineered humanoid "replicants" that were once used as slave labor - "skinners", or "skin jobs", in the parlance of the film - and who have since gone on the lam after being found to disobey orders.

Days out from its worldwide release, the long-awaited sequel to Ridley Scott's cult sci-fi 1982 classic is being hailed by many reviewers as one of the best movies of 2017.

Ford and Gosling appear in Blade Runner 2049 together.

"Did you say 'Grosling?'" the younger of the pair interjects. "I deeply love doubt; I love questions; I don't like answers", Villeneuve says. The Telegraph: "One of the most spectacular, provocative, and profound blockbusters of our time". She's not kidding, and that prospect intensifies once Jared Leto shows up as Wallace, a replicant designer and demigod who can't keep up with the demand for his product. Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard has been engaged in that parlor game for 35 years now.

"I have worked with extraordinary people who have given me extraordinary opportunities". So check out the slideshow below for a look at a few actors who circled back to the start (and how many of them are Harrison Ford).

The actor 'went blind' by wearing opaque contact lenses for the entire shoot of Blade Runner 2049, and needed an assistant to bring him on set and help him get around during filming. I's a Ford specialty to be believably heroic, believably vulnerable.

Sony is reportedly courting Denis Villeneuve for its upcoming high-profile project. Indeed, de Armas and Hoeks in particular deliver star-making performances that are hard to take your eyes off of - they'll land roles for years on the basis of their turns in this film alone. Infamously, numerous brands seen in the first film became obsolete long before 2019, when the film was set.

It's a long film with a running time close to three hours, but it's not one of those three-hour films where you're asking yourself when it's going to end - this isn't a film that should be left until it hits Netflix. They affect you in some way and change how you see the world.

Writing for Variety, Peter Debruge appreciated that you didn't have to see the first film to thoroughly enjoy the second.



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