Verstappen decision 'the worst ever' - Lauda

Verstappen decision 'the worst ever' - Lauda

People throughout Formula One paddock have condemned the FIA after Max Verstappen, for the second time in the a year ago, was stripped of a podium finish due to a controversial post-race penalty.

One of the stewards on duty in Austin, former F1 driver Mika Salo, agreed with Lauda when he said enforcing painted white lines to delineate the track is not ideal in F1. Obviously at that speed I was looking more forward, so I was just really pissed off he got past me, but I didn't have any chance but to slow down.

"Maybe they told me and I chose not to listen... but if that is the case, I'll just charge my way through". We're racing drivers, we're not on a normal road.

"We agreed all together that unless it is risky, the stewards would not interfere".

"I think we all know where the track limits are and if you go over the white lines in certain places it is OK, but if you do it while you are passing people we all know you're going to get issues afterwards".

"Very simple. If they drive over [each other] and go upside down, only then they [the stewards] will come in".

"It is unusual, as here (The US Grand Prix) you couldn't used to go wide on exit of nine, and now you can go over the track, and last corner you can just go over the big curb".

The Dutchman and his father Jos were furious. And rather than Sebastian Vettel, it is Verstappen that will be the real danger man for Lewis Hamilton in the years to come.

Verstappen has long had Mercedes connections, and it was expected that they would snap him up to partner the Englishman when his contract with Red Bull ended at the end of 2019.

"It's been a character-building year for him, but he feels very comfortable in the environment and he's enjoying racing within the team".

"If he'd said he was happy with that decision I'd be amazed".

As far as the uncertain futures of Formula One's top three teams goes, another domino has fallen, with this one affecting all three of those teams. You try a little more on the last run and then have a little moment and then the next corner is not great.

"He is pure racer, with an undeniable talent at the wheel and a rare instinct for what it takes to compete consistently at this level", team principle Christian Horner said Friday.



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