Vero Beach Man Sets Himself On Fire After Cowboys vs Packers Game

Bradford Diggs officially out vs. Packers

Timothy Silyers, 27, and Brianna Hook, 22, both of Vero Beach, made a bet Sunday involving their favorite National Football League teams - Silyers' Dallas Cowboys and Hook's Green Bay Packers.

Sebastian Daily reports that a married Vero Beach couple was watching the game together inside their home on Sunday afternoon.

When the Packers won 35-31, records show Hook and Salyers went outside to light the Dallas jersey on fire.

Hook and Salyers wagered that the victor sets the loser's jersey on fire.

Silyers had third-degree burns to his right arm and hand and second-degree burns to his back.

One man in Vero Beach, Fla., can claim to have such fiery devotion for the Dallas Cowboys, but for now he'll have to root on his favorite team while recovering from severe burns to his body.

His family members ripped the burning shirt off him before transporting the man, who was not identified, to the Indian River Medical Center.

For those of us scoring at home, fire isn't a suitable accessory for game day gear.

The deputy reported seeing second-degree burns to Silyers' back and third-degree burns to his right arm. He was severely burned Sunday in a Facebook Live video gone wrong where he tried to wear a flaming Dallas Cowboys jersey after the Packers won Sunday's game.

And I shouldn't have to say this, but if you do actually go through with setting something on fire, DON'T THEN TRY TO WEAR THE GODDAMN THING.



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