UEFA Nations League is announced

UEFA Nations League is announced

There are 15 countries in League C, split into one group of three and four groups of four, and the remaining 16 lowest ranked countries in League D, made up of four groups of four.

Northern Ireland are also in League B, alongside a number of Ireland's recent opponents, Austria, Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Nations League sees the 55 European national teams divided into four groups dependant on their rankings, with the top 12 going into League A.

There will still be dates in the calendar for the top nations to play worldwide friendlies, with Nations League games taking up four of the six available global match dates at the end of next year.

Leagues A and B will each comprise four groups of three teams.

In addition, the UEFA Nations League will provide teams with another chance to qualify for the UEFA EURO final tournament, with four sides qualifying through play-off matches which take place in March 2020.

The competition, which Uefa say will replace "most friendlies" in worldwide football, is due to begin on 6 September 2018, and will separate teams according to how they are ranked.

Elsewhere, League A consists of the 12 top-ranked teams: Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Iceland, Croatia and the Netherlands.

All the teams has been split into four levels, with one team from each League guaranteed a spot at Euro 2020. Instead that will be delayed, and start in March 2019 and end in November of that year - the qualifying draw does not take place until December 2018.

The top four-ranked League A teams that do not qualify for UEFA EURO 2020 will enter play-offs in March 2020, with one finals place on offer.

Four group winners from division "A" in June 2019 will determine the victor of the first draw of the League of Nations.

Serbia, who qualified for the World Cup, are down in Group C with the likes of Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary and Greece.

In a similar format, the four group winners will advance to the semi-finals.

Division D: Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Liechtenstein, Malta, Kosovo, Andorra, San Marino and Gibraltar. The four group winners will be promoted to League C for the 2020 edition.

Teams will be drawn into four groups of four. Two teams will then play in June 2019 to become the inaugural UEFA Nations League winners.



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