UAE announces halt to visa issuance to N.Koreans

UAE Stops Issuing Visas for North Korean Laborers

"The UAE announces its full support to the new US strategy to deal with the Iranian policies undermining security and stability", WAM said on its twitter account.

The fate of the thousands of North Korean laborers already in the UAE remains up in the air.

"The measures. come within the context of (the UAE's) obligation as a responsible member of the worldwide community to strengthen the global will and to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and missile programmes", the Foreign Ministry said. The Emirati state news agency, WAM notes that the USA ally also has ended issuing visa for North Korean nationals.

The workers help North Korea avoid sanctions, and raise money for its nuclear programs.

The United Arab Emirates announced Thursday it would halt the issuance of visas to North Korean workers, as tensions surrounding the country's nuclear ambitions continue to build.

"Very happy to hear that", the spokeswoman for the US State Department, Heather Nauert said during a press briefing. "There are many countries that are taking those steps that we have asked (them) to take".

Kuwait has North Korea's only embassy in the Gulf region. There are still 1,000 workers in the small emirate but the government noted that their number will significantly decrease as their employment contracts edge towards expiration.



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