U.S. to sell $15 bln THAAD missile defense to Saudi Arabia

North Korea and US

The Rosoboronexport state arms exporter signed a contract for the licensed production of AK-103 assault rifles and ammunition in Saudi Arabia, Vorobyeva added.

Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television reported on Thursday that the kingdom agreed to buy Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile systems, an announcement that came on Saudi King Salman's maiden visit to Russia, which was also the first-ever visit by a Saudi monarch.

"We will not let anyone spread the ideology of hatred, to finance that kind of ideology or terrorism", he said.

The historic trip was crowned with the signing of agreements and Memorandums of Understanding worth billions of dollars. "The contacts over implementing this deal have been very positive and achieved a very good preliminary result", Peskov said.

"We believe that a strong Saudi-Russian relationship can help to solve numerous challenges in the region", Al-Jubeir said, adding that Riyadh believes "that Russia's role in the Middle East is a positive one".

Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel Al-Jubeir, has said that USA policy with Russian Federation will not affect Riyadh's plans for cooperation with Moscow.

"Therefore we are confident that this cooperation should not be a worry for anyone".

The THAAD - Terminal High Altitude Area Defence - missile system is used to defend against incoming missile attacks and "is one of the most capable defensive missile batteries in the USA arsenal and comes equipped with an advanced radar system", according to AFP. It is meant for destroying aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, including-medium range ones and can be used against ground targets.

Russian Federation has already agreed to deliver the S-400 to Turkey.



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