This is McDonald's first try at vegan burgers

This is McDonald's first try at vegan burgers

McDonald's is trialling a new burger, which is sure to keep vegans happy.

Solving the age-old issue that sees your vegan mates waiting outside Maccies while you order and devour a 20 nugget share (SHARE?) box after a night out, the McVegan is now being trialled in Tampere, Finland and looks bloody delicious.

For now, the Golden Arches is just testing the (Scandinavian) waters by debuting the McVegan burger (yes, that's the real name) in Tampere, Finland, for the rest of October and most of November.

One lady claimed she had boycotted the brand for over 20 years, but the new plant-based burger had changed her mind.

When you think of vegetarian or vegan dining, probably the burger-and-McNugget-heavy McDonald's is hardly the first place to come to mind.

Excited social media users have been commenting saying they hope the chain will trial it in a number of different locations and have urged the company to bring it to the UK.

Sadly, if you're keen on trying it you'll have to catch a flight as the burger is only being trialled in Tampere in Finland.

Many comments urged the company to make the burger an global menu item.



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