Tesla recalls 11000 Tesla Model X SUVs

Tesla Model X

The problem only affects Model X vehicles built between 28 October 2016 and 1 September with a second row seat that folds down flat.

Electric carmaker Tesla Inc is recalling 11,000 Model X sport utility vehicles worldwide due to a faulty locking mechanism in their rear seats that raises the risk of the seats falling forward in a crash. That presents a safety issue, as the seat would fold forwards and provide zero protection during a crash.

Only about 3% of the electric SUVs being recalled are expected to have issues, which the carmaker said it can correct in about 10 minutes with its mobile service operators.

The Palo Alto, California-based automaker says it has seen no reports of injuries from the issue, which was discovered during internal testing.

It's yet another blow for Tesla's quality assurance department, and again throws Tesla's manufacturing plans into doubt.

The company started to inform customers about the recall on Thursday.

The letter has indicated that it is still "no issues" driving the Model X SUVs but customers' were told to avoid sitting in the second row left and centre seating positions at the same time until it has been ascertained that the issues to the cables are non-existent.

"Until then, there is no issue with continuing to drive your Model X", Tesla wrote in the email. Unlike the Model S and Model X, which are luxury cars made for profit margin not volume, Tesla is planning on churning out hundreds of thousands of Model 3s to work through its massive pre-order backlog.

Things are just going to get worse with the production ramp-up of the Model 3.



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