Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Like to Work Out & Watch Movies Together

It's not quite what we expected from the new, supposedly more cold-blooded Swift we recently heard on "Look What You Made Me Do".

Taylor Swift just released a new song entitled 'Gorgeous, ' it's the third song that's been released from her new album Reputation.

She also sings "I've got a boyfriend, he's older than us, he's in the club doing I don't know what" and that her mystery man has "ocean blue eyes".

The full album arrives on November 10.

Despite all the talk of the "Old Taylor" being dead on "Look What You Made Me Do", it's possible that Swift included a younger version of herself at the beginning of "Gorgeous".

One wrote on Twitter: "Tom has blue eyes". We only heard about them in May, but based on fan theories about her Gorgeous lyrics, the couple may have already been "taking it slow" for over a year at this point. The new song is all about love and the gorgeous love interest Taylor is talking about.

In the song, Taylor seems head over heels for someone, leading fans to believe the tune is about her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, 26.

One said they thought the first verse is about Harris, and the second about Hiddleston.



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