Take it easy: Smoke from Northern California fires is choking Valley air

Richmond police fire personnel sent to aid in North Bay wildfires

"Regionally, some monitors have switched and gotten a bit higher so it's a real dynamic situation, but overnight conditions will get inversions and things could get worse." expressed Mat Ehrnardt, Yolo and Solano County Air Quality Management.

A health caution was issued Valley-wide on Tuesday by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District as smoke from the wildfires blazing around California drifted into Merced and surrounding areas.

Poor air quality remains throughout the Bay Area because of the North Bay wildfires, prompting regional air quality officials to extend a Spare the Air Alert and Health Advisory through the weekend. "PM2.5 is so small, about 1/30 the width of a human hair, that it can penetrate deep into the lungs".

In the San Francisco Bay area, air quality has deteriorated to such an extent that it has started affecting residents, prompting medical calls to local schools and compelling people to wear protective masks. Outside of the active fire areas, air quality will be variable and unpredictable.

Residents should also avoid exercising outside if they smell smoke. The reason is smoke from the Northern California wildfires coupled with smoke from a big blaze in Tulare County wilderness. Windows and doors should be kept closed.

The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) will also perform wellness checks throughout San Francisco and providing transportation (upon request) to shelters.

People with existing respiratory conditions, young children and elderly people are especially susceptible to these pollutants.

Wildfire smoke can be risky to our health and even those who are healthy can get sick if there is enough smoke in the air.



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