Taika Waititi has Jimmy Kimmel interview crashed by Matt Damon

However, surprisingly, actor Matt Damon showed up to distort the peaceful environment.

"As I recall, her piece just said that Russell and I had called and relayed our experience with Fabrizio", said Damon. Soon after that, his presence became problematic for the others and even more, before Kimmel distracts the situation by playing an exclusive clip from the movie.

During the interview, Hemsworth introduced some of his guests backstage, including co-star Mark Ruffalo and Thor director Taika Waititi. "Well he turned up at my house in Australia, uninvited", Hemsworth joked to the late-night host.

Damon proceeded to hijack the giant screen that backdrops the stage, imposing his face over the skyline that normally serves as the background.

"That's like being asked what you think of your steak and you say, "It was a cow", Kimmel noted. Which is interesting, you know, considering his father Donald Trump is a self-admitted pussy grabber. It started when, at the end of what Kimmel thought to be a bad show, he jokingly apologized to Damon for bumping him.

Last night's gag comes at a time when Damon could use some comic relief.

Jessica Chastain has been vocal about calling out Harvey Weinstein and supporting the sexual assault victims since the matter came to light. "If there was ever an event that I was at and Harvey was doing this kind of thing and I didn't see it, then I am so deeply sorry, because I would have stopped it". "I would never, ever, ever try to kill a story like that", he told Deadline.



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