Street Fighter 5's newest character is Zeku

Street Fighter V Zeku gameplay

Zeku, the ever-changing ninja, is coming to Street Fighter V on October 24, serving as the final DLC character for Season 2. Nevertheless, the game's #Season 2 finally ends as Zeku is unveiled along with some unexpected surprises.

Zeku first appeared in the series as a non-playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as Guys trainer. Eventually, Guy defeated Zeku in order to obtain the title of 39th Master of Bushin.

In other words, Zeku, Abigail, and Menat confirmed numerous players' early suspicions.

Is he a good character to conclude the season with?

Last year, Yoshinori Ono revealed that all of the DLC fighters in the second season for "SFV" except for Akuma, will be brand new to the fighting game franchise.

This article will be removed soon! His fighting style, from what we have seen at least, also contains small Easter Eggs, with the form's super move looking exactly like one of Strider's moves from the Marvel vs. Capcom series of games.

Capcom has revealed a new character that is joining the Street Fighter V roster.

The fighter seems to swap forms in the middle of battle, possibly changing his moveset in the process. After transformation, his speed and attacks behave differently and perhaps more combo potential. Going against tradition, Guy chose not kill Zeku, who then disappeared and was never seen again...until now!



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