Sony Releases an Amazing New Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer

The Last of Us Part II trailer is super violent

PlayStation has revealed On Rush - a new racing game from Evolution Studios, which is part of Codemasters.

The first trailer features a supercut of loads of different types of vehicle, as well as a series of different environments for you to race around in. We see the very same arm in that same pose, clenching an identical hammer. Because Sony has released a video showcasing a small part of the story of one of the best Playstation games of the past year, The Last Of Us: Part II. The only thing we know is that Ellie will be the main playable character.

The new footage puts an emphasis on the game's story, in addition, the brand new gameplay footage spliced in. Mary Jane Watson also looks to be an important part of the game too. One big realization? Our last preview of the game may not have been what we thought it was at all.

As the trailer draws to a close, the iconic enemies from the Last of Us - the Clickers - suddenly appear ready to attack.

There's still no release date for the eagerly awaited follow-up, but excitement levels have been kicked up a notch in the wake of the brutal glimpse inside the game.



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