Sheriff Releases New Details in the Sherri Papini Abduction Case

Sheriff Releases New Details in the Sherri Papini Abduction Case

The FBI has released new sketches of Sherri Papini's captors almost one year after she was kidnapped while jogging.

"Days prior to Sherri's disappearance, Sherri and the male acquaintance texted each in an attempt to meet while the he was in California", the release states.

Authorities questioned the man and found he was not involved in her kidnapping, Jackson said. Officials initially said her hair was cut, but did not reveal to what length.

On Thanksgiving Day previous year, Papini was located by the California Highway Patrol at approximately 5 a.m., after she flagged down a motorist along Interstate 5 in Yolo County, California. The second was described as older, with straight black hair with some greying color and thick eyebrows.

The FBI sketches of the suspects based on Sherri Papini's description also didn't ring any bells for investigators, Jackson said.

The only two people Sherri had contact with during her 22 days of captivity were two women who wore face coverings.

Jackson said Wednesday that Papini told investigators she fought back against one of her captors, at one point slamming a woman's head into a toilet.

The first woman was described by Papini as Hispanic between the age of 20 and 30 and 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Sergeant Brian Jackson, of Shasta County Sheriff's Office, said detectives had looked in to Papini's alleged relationship with a male acquaintance from MI. Papini was branded by the suspects, authorities said.

"When she was being processed at the hospital ... no evidence of a cut was seen in the photographs", Sgt. Brian Jackson told the Record Searchlight newspaper in Redding, where Papini lives. Jackson said the woman's DNA came from Papini's body, while the man's came from the clothes she was wearing when found. Officials said the abductors branded her with a message before she was released. last year, her husband told "Good Morning America" that the suspects may have been trying to humiliate Papini by cutting off her long blonde hair and branding her. Bosenko declined to elaborate on the branding, saying only that it was a message, not a symbol.

In the release, the sheriff's office said investigators discovered Papini had been texting with an unidentified male acquaintance from MI. The younger of the women then escorted Papini out of a room and dumped her on the side of the road, Jackson said Papini told investigators.

The Sheriff's Office continues to examine the brand and its possible meaning, but details of the brand remain confidential as part of the on-going investigation.

New details have emerged in the 2016 case that left a young mother branded, beaten and left on the side of the freeway after disappearing for three weeks.

The sheriff's office says that are still working the case and that the Papinis remain in contact with authorities.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for any information leading to the identification of the two suspects involved in the Sherri Papini kidnapping case.



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