Seth Meyers gives viewers Eminem's ultimatum: Pick me or pick Trump

Seth Meyers gives viewers Eminem's ultimatum: Pick me or pick Trump

"To any fans of this show who are also fans of Donald Trump, it's time to make a decision, guys", said Meyers.

Watch Eminem's full cypher below.

The Detroit native debuted the savage four-minute rap, which fired some serious shots at the current President, during the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2017 this week.

The "Late Night" host said his viewers should "get off the fence" and pick a side between President Trump and his show, which he said "constantly mocks and denigrates everything about [Trump]".

"Do you support him?"

The 44-year-old rapper closed out his rant with a message to his fans who support Trump, saying "I'm drawing in the sand a line, you're either for or against".

What, you thought Eminem would let all the attention from a blistering, anti-Donald Trump freestyle go to waste?

Over on CBS, James Corden also joked about the video, noting that it was shot in a parking garage, which made it "a really intense shoot-not because Eminem was taking down the president, but because they had to get the whole crew out of the parking structure in under an hour, or it was going to be 20 bucks a vehicle". However, in the wake of Rosenberg's taking the helm as CEO of Def Jam Records at the end of this year, it remains unclear who will be steering the ship at Shady, although the label is more of an imprint and not a full-service major.



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