Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her New Song "Wolves"

Tearful interview Selena Gomez 25 and her kidney donor Francia Raisa 29 were interviewed for The Today Show on Monday

Well, it turns out Abelena shippers have nothing to worry about because according to TMZ, The Weeknd knows Justin and Selena are still friends and he's cool with them hanging out.

We for one are loving this song and collaboration.

"Wolves" is an electro house song as expected although the verses are rather tranquil, with the entire focus falling on the shoulders of Selena's lovely, mermaid singing.

It's quite common for an artist to work in tandem with a songwriter, so that part isn't particularly noteworthy. She announced the collab with producer Marshmello over the weekend and eventually shared the art for the track on Monday (October 23).

When you listen to it, you'll feel like she's singing right in front of you. For example, on the deeply personal "The Heart Wants What It Wants", which was speculated to be about Gomez's ex Justin Bieber, her name is first in the list of writing credits.

The singer also opened up about taking time off from her work and releasing music on her own terms.

Did you catch that? "The song is very attractive and personal and have a whole story of its own", she told Zane Lowe in an interview. That phrasing is very important, because it explains why so many fans have been drawing parallels between the song and Gomez's personal life. They have since drifted apart, with Gomez even unfollowing Lovato on Twitter in 2014.



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