Selena Gomez & Francia Raisa Healed From Their Kidney Surgeries Together

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"And she volunteered and did it".

It turned out that she, though Gomez's family was not, was a match. "She lived with me during this interesting time where my kidneys were just done. That was it", the tearful singer said.

"I got to the point where it was really kind of life or death. I just hope this inspires people to feel good and to know that there is really good people in the world".

At first, Gomez objected to the idea of Raisa going through with such a huge gesture. Raisa says that what normally would have taken a donator months, took her only a day, and that she had to write a will. Blood and urine tests revealed she'd be a flawless organ donor for Selena, so the transplant was scheduled. The fact that she was a match, I mean that's unbelievable.

'Apparently one of the arteries flipped, ' Gomez explained to Savannah Guthrie. "She couldn't open a water bottle one day", Francia said of Selena. "I started to attempt to fall asleep [after the surgery] and in the middle of that process, I started hyperventilating and there was so much pain", Selena said, explaining that she had to go back into surgery because her body was reacting badly to the new kidney.

"I went through heartbreak this year and you left the studio and drove out of your way to come see me and comfort me". She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. "I was like, 'Of course I'll get tested.'" Selena protested, not wanting to make Francia, who was just starting to film the Black-ish spinoff Grown-ish, put her career and entire life on hold for her - but the actress insisted.

Selena is more than grateful to her friend who donated a kidney to her during the summer.

Though the surgeries were successful, the two pals had a long way to go in their recovery as they were only allowed to move around for an hour a day, and it was "hard" for them having to be so reliant on other people.

"One day she came home, and she was emotional", Raisa said.

In the first preview the Today show aired, Selena was crying while talking about her life-saving kidney transplant.

Raisa then added: 'I constantly needed to ask for help.

Although she is still continuing to recover from the transplant, Gomez is set to perform at the American Music Awards next month. However, she also noted that she's feeling better than ever now, and that her Lupus only has a three to five percent chance of returning. "My energy and my life has been better".



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