Seeing yellow after big storm

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The sun shines through cloud as storm clouds turn the sky black over the seafront in Bognor Regis.

One theory was that it was caused by Hurricane Ophelia sucking up dust from the Sahara and making the sky take on a scarlet sheen.

As a result of the particulates being mixed together, the United Kingdom and Ireland witnessed a truly weird sight: yellow-to-red tinted skies with a dark red sun.

Ash from huge forest fires in Portugal and Spain was also mixed into the atmosphere.

Passers-by stopped to snap photographs of the sky, which seemed to have an eerie tinge of red in some areas.

"It's certainly spectacular at the moment and quite a talking point".

"Air is being pulled from southern Europe and Africa and that air contains a lot of dust".

The sun is seen after dawn near Exeter.

According to the Met Office, the dust scatters the blue light from the sun letting more red light through much as at sunrise or sunset.

As former-hurricane Ophelia charged north, it dragged with it airborne Saharan sand, as well as smoke from the deadly wildfires now burning in Portugal and Spain.

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