SC asks Govt to consider regulating playing of national anthem

Standing for National Anthem in movie theatres not a measure of patriotism Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to modify its earlier order in connection with playing of National Anthem in movie theaters.

Last year, the Supreme Court had directed cinema halls across the nation to play the national anthem before movie screenings, drawing mixed reactions from the public.

Supreme Court was declared that patriotism can not be forced through court orders and that whether or not a person stand for the Anthem can not be used as a measure of patriotism. Tomorrow if someone says don't wear shorts and t-shirts to cinema halls because National Anthem is being played, then where do we stop this moral policing? "Values are inculcated in a broad social and political culture and patriotism can not be inculcated among people by Supreme Court order making it mandatory for playing National Anthem in cinema halls", he said. During the hearing, Attorney General KK Venugopal had said that playing the National Anthem was necessary since India was a diverse country and the anthem would help promote uniformity.

The court also banned the printing of the anthem or a part of it on any object and displaying it in a manner that may be disrespectful or "disgraceful to its status".

"What is stopping you from amending the Flag Code?"

Lashing out at the government for supporting the SC order which made it compulsory to stand up for the anthem, Justice Chandrachud said that the government should take its own stand on whether people should stand up for the anthem. The court had said past year that it would be mandatory for all those in the cinemas to stand up as a sign of respect when the anthem is played.

It had also said proper norms and protocol should be fixed regarding its playing and singing at official functions and programmes where those holding constitutional office are present.



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