Samsung's new robot vacuums banish Darth Vader to cleaning duty

Star Wars Vacuum Robots Unveiled by Samsung

So excited that you're...wishing your robot vacuum looked like Darth Vader?

Fans watching the Star Wars movies in the order of its release might have been confused as to why Obi-Wan used to talk about his former padawan simply as Darth Vader and not Anakin, however, a chapter in Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View explains why the old Jedi refused to use the name of his partner and friend.

The Darth Vader version comes made with custom premium materials - is meant to resemble the villain's all-black mask.

You can control them via an app or with Alexa voice commands, but what sets these hoovers apart is their sound effects. The Darth Vader model mimics the character's infamous labored breather when turned on.

Both robot vacuums feature 10-Watt suction power, CycloneForce technology and the ability to clean close to walls and edges. The limited edition bots will go up for pre-sale in the United States from today. FullView Sensor™ 2.0 allows the unit to clean around home decorations and valuable personal items as small as 10mm.

The Darth Vader model of this robot vacuum cleaner has Wi-Fi connectivity as well as its own remote control. With its unique smart features and powerful performance, the VR7000 was awarded the 2017 CES Innovation Award.

Mini-figures, phone cases, fancy dress; these are the things you'd normally expect find toting Star Wars inspired designs, not a Samsung robot vacuum.

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