Samsung has been granted a retrial in Apple patent suit

According to the Supreme Court's decision, the damages are based on parts of the device that may have infringed patents, but it can not be based on the entire design.

The companies have once again knocked the court's door and the matter has once again been bought before judges to examine the Samsung's claim that the amount of penalty that Apple received exceeded the logical parameters and paradigms of the violation. This case takes both of the companies way back to 2011 when Apple had successfully sued Samsung for infringing upon the iPhone's patented design, which included its rectangular front face coupled with rounded edges plus a string of color icons.

Over the last five years, Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in a huge patent lawsuit, with Samsung often ending up on the losing end. According to the latest info, the Korean tech has chose to take the iPhone manufacturer back to court to settle the $400 million damage quote thanks to a successful appeal from Samsung. That was later reduced to $339M, but Samsung argued that it was still too much and fought the case all the way to the Supreme Court - where it won.

In her order, Koh wrote that Apple "shall bear the burden of persuasion on identifying the relevant article of manufacture and proving the amount of total profit on the sale of that article".

Now both companies have until October 25 to propose a retrial date. The U.S. Supreme Court then heard the case years later and unanimously agreed to decrease the penalty to roughly $400 million by limiting the scope of the judgement. Instead, the court ruled that Samsung should only have to pay Apple for the parts of its phone that violated Apple's patents.



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