Samsung announces Bixby 2.0 with Smart Home Support

Samsung announces Bixby 2.0

When Bixby was first launched a year ago, it was only made available for Samsung's flagship devices. "With Bixby 2.0, the doors will be wide open for developers to choose and model how users interact with Bixby in their services across all application domains e.g., sports, food, entertainment, or travel - the opportunities are truly endless". The Bixby 2.0 will offer more familiar user interface to Samsung based services and devices.

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Bixby 2.0 will also benefit from integration with Viv, the virtual assistant developed by Six Five Labs, a company run by ex-Siri developers that was snapped up by Samsung Electronics in 2016. However, we do know that the new Bixby will be spreading out beyond smartphones. Although it remains to be seen if this new update will include older Samsung devices or simply upcoming new ones. While Bixby now supports 200 more languages, Bixby 2.0 still has the same tough competition that the first-gen version faced. Samsung says that AI is "the next major tectonic shift" and Bixby along with other smart assistants will be responsible for taking us into the future of computing.

Since other voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are open for developers to test out other services through the assistant, Samsung has chose to bring the same Bixby 2.0 SDK for developers, as mentioned earlier.

While launching the Bixby Assistant on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, Samsung has put a dedicated button to launch the Bixby voice assistant. It's unclear if this will only be limited to Samsung's own products, but the sentiment certainly makes it seem that way.

Bixby 2.0 is touted to be "a fundamental leap forward" for artificial intelligence-powered voice assistants by Samsung executive vice president Eui-Suk Chung. It's hard to judge how much that acquisition will impact the quality of Bixby 2.0, but it could be significant.

"Bixby 2.0 is a powerful intelligent assistant platform that will bring a connected experience that is ubiquitous, personal, and open".



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