Russian Federation: radio journalist stabbed in neck at her Moscow office

An attacker is said to have burst into Ekho Moskvy's studios in Moscow

Ekho Moskvy, which has often been described as Russia's only independent news radio station, said that the attacker burst in and stabbed Tatyana Felgenhauer in the throat.

Ekho Moskvy is one of the few outlets for independent journalism in Russian Federation, often featuring reports and discussions deemed to be sharply critical of the Kremlin, despite being owned by the media arm of energy giant Gazprom.

Felgenhauer is best known for co-hosting a popular morning show.

The station said the attack was clearly premeditated. "My security guards overcame him, and we handed him over to the police".

The attacker, after being apprehended, told investigators he had been in "telepathic contact with Felgenhauer" for five years.

"The man came here on objective, he knew where he was going", Venediktov told reporters.

"It stated in its stories that the radio station Ekho Moskvy is engaged in anti-state activities and should be labeled a foreign agent", the union says.

Two years ago another journalist at the station, Karina Orlova, was forced to flee Russian Federation after receiving credible death threats after a serious of reports probing the murder near the Kremlin of opposition activist Boris Nemtsov.

The latest incident comes after one of the station's regular presenters, Yulia Latynina, said she had been forced to flee her country following a series of attacks, including the torching of her vehicle.

The spokesman for the Russian Prosecutor General's Office described the attack as "outrageous" and said its prosecutors will investigate the case closely.

The Investigative Committee, deals with high-profile crimes, said it is treating Monday's attack as an attempted murder.

She has been rushed to hospital but there are varying reports of her condition circulating around Russian media.

Moscow police said the attacker had a personal grudge against Felgenhauer.



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